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Here at CTS, we work with the greatest flexibility, professionalism and excellence to provide our clients with the total solution, from concept to completion and beyond. It is important to recognise that our service to our clients does not end upon completion of the building, which is reflected in our committed after sales service.

At CTS we understand that providing first-rate after sales care is paramount to providing excellent customer service. Starting at handover and throughout your buyers warranty period. The team are on hand to address defects in the first year and any other issues that may occur during the warranty period.

Providing and maintaining very high standards of quality and workmanship is very important to us. This ethos is passed on down through the whole company and employing tradesman and subcontractors with the same aim is important for this.

Our fundamental principles: 

  • Fairness – treat clients fairly throughout the completion / after sales process.
  • Safety – carry out and complete the works in accordance with all requisite Building Regulations and Requirements.
  • Quality – complete all works to a high quality in accordance with all applicable building and other standards including the specification for the New Home and ensure that legal completion only takes place when a new home is complete.
  • Responsiveness – to be clear, responsive and timely in responding to clients with our after sales service.

Quality is closely monitored during the project with formal inspections and sign-off made at key stages by the Site Manager. We also undertake proactive process of snagging, de-snagging and re-snagging in periods leading up to handover with the aim of delivering projects with the absolute minimum of defects. The site will also be visited by a member of senior management in this period to ensure the Company’s reputation for high quality of workmanship is being maintained and protected. Following Handover, any remaining minor defects will be promptly cleared. We will maintain a presence on site until all issues are cleared to the full satisfaction of the Client.

Approaching the end of 12 month defects period we will contact the Client or Client Representative to arrange inspection of the works to mutually draw up a list of any defects at this stage. Armed with this list, we will arrange appropriate trades to get all items cleared quickly and efficiently once access arrangements have been agreed by the Client / Client Representative. Once works are completed, we will arrange for a follow up inspection to have works signed-off and a ‘Certificate of Defects Clearance’ issued.


What is the CTS Premium After Sales Service?

Where developers do not have the capacity nor time for dealing with all enquiries after purchases are made, CTS would be glad to offer their premium service first year service to ensure developers minds are put at ease.

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