With the Coronavirus being so prevalent in the media due it’s global effect, we wanted to get in touch with our clients to keep you up to date with how CTS as a business are addressing this.

This is an unprecedented situation and CTS acknowledge that the coronavirus outbreak will affect all types of businesses and no organization will be immune to its impact. while it is currently “business as usual” we want to reassure you that CTS is monitoring the situation as it evolves and taking steps in accordance with government guidelines, to ensure the health and welfare of our staff, subcontractors and clients.
Our response efforts are being adjusted as necessary to adapt to changing conditions, but these are the actions we are taking now:
• Both in office and site-wide, we are actively communicating and encouraging behaviours that help prevent the spread of illness based on government recommendations
• We are providing increased protective supplies to our office and sites and educating our staff and subcontractors about their proper use.
• Site Managers have received directions for communicating with their teams and our Health and Safety Director is actively working with Site managers to address specific questions and team requirements.
• As always, those who are sick are encouraged to stay home to rest, recover, and avoid infecting others.
• Until the government announces further recommendations, we will continue to discourage non-essential travel. CTS uses flexible video conferencing platforms from remote devices, desktops and conference rooms, which can be used whenever possible.
CTS’s Health and Safety Director and Senior management teams are working closely to monitor the conditions, and will make adjustments as the situation evolves, in an effort to minimize any disruption to the services we provide.
As a CTS client, be assured of our absolute commitment to responding with utmost caution regarding the health and welfare of our staff and subcontractors and continued business operations to support our clients.




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