CTS successfully accepted onto the Westworks Procurement framework!

CTS is excited to announce we have successfully been accepted onto the Westworks Procurement Framework DPS for the provision of construction, conversion and major refurbishment of dwelling houses, flats, sheltered schemes, sheltered accommodation, commercial and communal facilities, corporate property, and similar buildings.

Westworks is a Cabinet Office backed consortium providing pre-tendered works, services and supplies to the public sector. Members are made up of a continually expanding group of public sector bodies from housing associations to local authorities, government departments and charities. Westworks provide members a route to market for their projects that ensures compliance with the relevant contract regulations, providing the best value materials and services in a timely manner. It does not matter what size organisation you are, you can take advantage of being part of one of the largest groups in the sector.

Westworks is part of the ‘Collaboration’ group of consortia, working together to bring further economic and social efficiencies and value to our combined users. ‘Collaboration’ is currently made up of Westworks, Efficiency East Midlands, South East Consortium and Advantage Southwest, the DPS’ and frameworks are available for members of all consortia to use. This means that Westworks is able to provide access to compliant arrangements for projects throughout all of England and Wales.

For any and all Project Management/Commercial Management/Feasibility/Pre-construction services/Facilities management please reach out to our team.

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