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About Us

About Us

CTS are a team of seasoned professionals, all with many years of both specialist and broad based construction experience that enables us to enhance the potential within a development and create a more profitable and ultimately better environment for everyone. We help you create great environments no matter what the project.

As our track record demonstrates, one or other of the C-T-S team has encountered and found a solution to almost every construction problem imaginable.

Our portfolio includes mixed use schemes, office, commercial, leisure and residential environments. Our involvement ranges from design and build through to regeneration, renovation and refurbishment.

Specialist solutions for listed buildings and properties in conservation areas.

We work regularly with a loyal and skilled group of trade and crafts people some employed almost full time, some as subcontractors, as and when required. This flexibility enables us to control budgets whilst still providing the specialist skills that are required to get the job done.


Whatever we do we do it with commitment, dedication and expertise.

Byron - Hoe Street - New Street Flats - The Regent - Kings Court
Moravian - Hoe Street - Great Pultney Street - The Regent - Purley Lodge
Moravian - The Eye - Great Pultney Street - Jubilee Inn - Purley Lodge
Byron - Hoe Street - New Street Flats - Jubilee Inn - Kings Court
Here at Construction Total Solutions, we work with the greatest flexibility, professionalism and excellence
to provide our clients the Total Construction Solution
Whatever we do, we do it with commitment, dedication and expertise.
CTS are happy to respond to snagging in a proactive manner.
Out of hours contact has never been a problem when issues have arisen.
We are an organisation which prides ourselves on developing a distinct partnership with our clients to enable
us to provide our clients with a comprehensive and cost effect solution to their projects.